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Are you looking for a seductive call girl for intimate hours in Berlin? Then I would like to give you a not entirely disinterested insider tip: Arrange an escort date with call girl Amber at Fame Escort Berlin and you’ll get me! I am a communicative, curious and ambitious person with a great sense of humor, good looks and exciting curves in all the right places. Sometimes I can’t get my greedy mouth full enough: Then what do you offer me to satisfy my cravings?

170 cm 34 70C 39


  • Age - 21
  • Clothes size - 34
  • Product Weight - 59 kg
  • Drinks - Champagner, Smoothies, Softdrinks, Gin Tonic
  • Cuisine - Japanese
  • Nationality - German
  • Cup size - 70C
  • Body size - 170 cm
  • Perfume - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
  • Eye Color - brown
  • Shoe size - 39
  • Piercing/Tattoos - no/no
  • Languages - German, English, Spanish, French
  • Interessen - Fitness, volleyball, reading, traveling


  • I serve Men, Couples
  • Escort service Food/dinner, trade fair, vacation/travel
  • Traffic threesome (MMF), Girlfriendsex, Sex several times
  • Finger-/dildo anal fingers with her, dildo games, finger play, strap on, anal fingering with me, dildo with me
  • Kissing body kisses, kisses with sympathy, French kisses with sympathy
  • Degrees Deepthroat, cum on face, cum on body, tongue anal passive, French safe, French on both sides
  • Bizarre Games bizarre games submissive, bizarre games dominant, bondage passive, Erotic wrestling matches, easy submissive games, slightly dominant games
  • Massages classic massage, hand relaxation
  • Other Outdoorsex, Spanish, Role play, Doctor games, Verbal erotic, Foot erotic, Striptease, Nylon, High heels, doctor games passive, nylon erotic, lingerie, suspenders
My Diamond Honorar
  • 1 hour350 €
    1,5 hours475 €
    2 hours600 €
    2,5 hours700 €
    3 hours800 €
    4 hours1000 €
    5 hours1200 €
    6 hours1400 €
    7 hours1600 €
    8 hours1800 €
    10 hours2200 €
    12 hours2500 €
    24 hours4500 €
    48 hours6500 €
    3 days8500 €
    7 days14500 €

Escort eroticism

1 hour350 €
1,5 hours475 €
2 hours600 €
2,5 hours700 €
3 hours800 €
4 hours1000 €
5 hours1200 €
6 hours1400 €
7 hours1600 €
8 hours1800 €
10 hours2200 €
12 hours2500 €
24 hours4500 €
48 hours6500 €
3 days8500 €
7 days14500 €

Escort excluding eroticism

3 hours330 €
6 hours600 €

Escort eroticism - For couples

Upon request

Travel costs

(ausgehend vom Mittelpunkt Berlin, Alexandrinenstr. 12, 10969 Berlin)

from 0 km20 €
from 15 km25 €
from 20 km35 €
from 25 km40 €
from 30 km50 €
from 40 km65 € & 2h minimum booking
from 50 km75 € & 2,5h minimum booking
from 75 km100 € & 3h minimum booking
from 100 km150 € & 4h minimum booking
over 110 kmupon request


Die Ausgestaltung sexueller Dienstleistungen wird ausschließlich zwischen dem jeweiligen Modell und deren Kunden und Kundinnen in eigener Verantwortung festgelegt.

Gleiches gilt für den Ort und die Zeit der sexuellen Dienstleistung sowie eine mögliche Rechnungsstellung über die ausgeführten Leistungen. ist einzig eine Plattform für die Vermittlung von Kontakten; wir erbringen unsere Leistungen gegenüber dem jeweiligen Modell.

Zur Beantwortung weiterer Fragen – soweit nach Prostituiertenschutzgesetz zulässig – stehen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich zur Verfügung.

Service prices

Service prices

The complete service that Amber offers (see above) is included ✔

Escort service in Berlin

As an escort Berlin, it is easy for me to get the daily portion of sex that I need. I like to take the active part, but I have nothing against letting myself go, being passive and simply enjoying myself. In that sense, I like rough sex paired with tenderness and am reluctant to give up extensive cuddling at the end. But what does “at the end” mean here? If you whisper dirty words in my ear while you’re doing it, I’ll immediately get going again and fall all over you.
I just think it’s cool to have this kind of double life: the well-behaved student in the lecture hall during the day and the horny escort lady who makes strange men happy in the evening. A dirty secret makes life so much more interesting: Don’t you agree?

Fancy an erotic adventure without obligations?

Here you will find the sweetest temptation - the most sensual delight!

I have a great desire for erotic adventures, because nothing tingles more. As a call girl Berlin, I play with fire every day and always burn my fingers in the process. It doesn’t hurt, on the contrary: it excites me a lot! When I’m booked for an escort date and get into the cab full of anticipation, I get stage fright. Many questions arise: What does he look like? Will he like me? How will the erotic meeting in Berlin go?
As soon as I reach the place where we have arranged to meet, I feel pure adrenaline coursing through my veins. I can hardly contain my excitement and switch on my head cinema to calm myself down. Of course, an erotic movie immediately starts playing that can only be topped in reality. Will you be the man with whom I can put these movie-worthy sex scenes into practice?

Cup size

“I am Amber, your call girl Berlin: the time you spend with me is an enriching pleasure, an escape from the constructed world, a taste of passion. Authenticity is a word that is thrown around so often that it loses its true meaning – but it’s ultimately what I strive for in escort dates!”

Secret sex wishes?

Trust me - I'll do it for you!

Would you like to live out your secret sex desires with call girl Amber? Imagine us sitting in a classy restaurant and studying the menu while I secretly take off my thong from underneath the table under the protection of the tablecloth, place it pertly on your lap and stimulate your sex fantasies. We can then quickly forget the tasty meal and move straight on to the erotic dessert instead. Not in front of everyone, of course!
While I’m on the subject of ‘secret sex desires’, there’s actually something I’ve never tried before. I find the idea of getting the attention of two men at the same time and having a threesome really cool. Would you be up for it? Why don’t you invite a friend to an escort date in Berlin with call girl Amber and the three of us can get it on!

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